Friends Home

Friends Children's Home and Orphanage

Boy's House

Friends Home is the name of the Home that operates under the Friends Foundation. The Home provides shelter, food and care for orphans en vulnerable children in the age of 0-18 years. Friends Home also enables the inmates to receive formal education. Around 30 children live in Friends Home permanently, a few beds are open for children who need short time shelter.


Friends Farm


To guarantee the sustainability of the NGO and the Children’s Home, we have started a farm in 2004. The Foundation owns multiple pieces of farmland where maize, cassava, beans, groundnuts, potatoes and vegetable crops like spinach and tomatoes are being grown. These crops serve as food for the children in the Home. Depending on the size of the harvest, some crops like maize and cassava could be partially sold, to generate some income for other areas of expense, like health costs or clothing.