Mission, vision and objectives

Friends Office
Friends Office

Mission Statement

The Friends Foundation seeks to promote the general well being of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by:

1) assisting families and concerned community members in providing attention, care and education for the child

2) providing a home environment, attention and care, quality formal education, skills and guidance for all aspects of their life.



The Friends Foundation will enhance the quality of life of OVC by providing Integrated Family Care and Community Based Services to enable them to become socially and economically productive members of the community.



*To Provide holistic care and protection (safe, stable, and suitable home-based placement) services to OVC within a supportive foster care system (by establishing and providing effective and reliable foster care services in the project community).


*To Mobilize material and logistical resources through fundraising to support project plans and activities.


*To Provide quality formal education services to OVC to enable them to reach their full potential.


*To Recruit, Assess, & Train foster care volunteers & public health & social workers to support & manage OVC care (education on health, Nutrition, hygiene, immunizations, etc.)


*To Access Government social protection intervention – direct cash or in-kind benefits to OVC, orphan heads of households, elderly foster care parents, extended family caretakers, & foster families to finance school fees & other added expenses neccessary for the care of OVC (through LEAP, Capitation Grant, School Feeding Programme, etc.).


 *To Facilitate sustainable livelihoods & income generation – Friends Foundation will provide skills training & inputs for:
  • Adult OVC (vocational & technical training e.g. farming & other employable skills, etc. to access NYEP).
  • Volunteers and/or foster parents will be assisted through the Agricultural input support programme: in vegetable gardening (through community vegetable gardens) & in the rearing of fowls & goats; to raise income for supporting the children.
*To establish a Community Micro Credit Scheme (small loans) to increase income levels and also promote good money management among project beneficiaries.

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