There are 33 children currently living at the orphanage, they are each unique and have their own story, click here to find out more about them 




To guarantee the sustainability of the NGO and the Children’s Home it is important to develop income generating projects. An important point of focus is that the generation of income can not interfere with the appropriate care for the children and their development.


At the moment there is one project in operation that is supporting the sustainability and self reliance of the Children’s Home. This project is the farm. The NGO owns multiple pieces of farmland where maize, cassava, beans, groundnuts, potatoes and vegetable crops like spinach and tomatoes are being grown. These crops serve as food for the children in the Home. Depending on the size of the harvest, some crops like maize and cassava could be partially sold, to generate some income for other areas of expense, like health costs or clothing.


Ghana has two farming seasons. The first one between April and June and the second one from August to September. During both seasons sowing and harvesting takes place. The pieces of land that are used for growing crops are also used for collecting firewood that is being used to cook. This saves expenses on charcoal.