Introduction and background

Orphanage building 2006

The Friends Foundation is a locally based non-profit and non-governmental organisation. Our overall goal is to assist families and communities in caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). We strive to provide the children with appropriate care, attention and formal education, preferably within their own families or community.  


Mission, vision and objectives

Friends Office

The Friends Foundation seeks to promote the general well being of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by:

1) assisting families and concerned community members in providing attention, care and education for the child

2) providing a home environment, attention and care, quality formal education, skills and guidance for all aspects of their life. 




The Friends Foundation runs two projects.

Friends Home is a Children's Home and Orphanage where orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) recieve care and attention. A farm is part of this project.

The Community Assistance Program is currently being developped and aims to assist families and communities who care for OVC.

The El Shaddai International School is also founded by David Kporfor and therefore affiliated to the Friends Foundation, although it does not operate under the NGO.

Information on all three project is found elsewhere on this website.